The Droop+Rein TF series offers a framework of machining capabilities for manufacturers seeking to automate production rates of variable-sized work pieces with a consistent focus on industry-leading speed and accuracy. This fully-adaptive and dynamic system provides an innovative approach to manufacturing for a wide-range of industries and boasts interchangeable configuration features that include diverse machine head sizes and functions as well as custom expansion modules.

With the Droop+Rein TF, complex production specifications are augmented with automatically-changing milling heads, tools and spindles that achieve simultaneous functions within unique operating parameters, making manufacturing of tools, molds, dies, aerospace and automotive components more accessible and efficient than ever. Its 5-axis surface milling capabilities offer impressive acceleration speeds and cutting- edge accuracy thanks to precision CNC technology customized for peak performance unique to each industry and work piece requirement. The result is an immaculate finish at optimal success rates with accuracy ideally-suited for the most demanding procedures and component shapes and functions.

Droop+Rein TF excels in expansive manufacturing capabilities with optional features that include custom milling heads, adjustable rails, table designs, functional pallet systems and peripheral attachments that can operate simultaneously and achieve remarkable production rates. With stability, versatility, speed and accuracy at the forefront of its appeal, the Droop+Rein TF can be adapted to a growing number of designs and functions that leverage its evolving gantry framework to produce top-quality results at lower costs and higher speeds.

Modern design advances in aerospace, automation, energy and engineering benefit greatly from the Droop+Rein’s capacity to operate on work pieces of variable sizes and at accuracy levels that equal compact precision systems while delivering all the software and automation elements that are quickly revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. With Droop+Rein TF, customers can enjoy newfound flexibility and customization options that offer a marketplace advantage and allow them to explore advanced designs, materials and manufacturing methods.

At Legacy, we know for manufacturers, the integration of high-speed and high-accuracy milling processes with the Droop+Rein TF means faster production rates and a higher standard of quality. By having a greater range of parts and design capabilities within reach, your organization has the power to expand its operations through the momentum of reliable and high-accuracy parts development.


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