Fadal’s 5-axis VMC is an ideal solution to machining, material cutting and removal at minimal cycle times within precise parameters that require repeated procedures. The Fadal vertical machining center delivers exceptional performance using a high-torque spindle that achieves consistent results at variable speeds and gives manufacturers flexible access to large parts and heavy metal components. With hardened box way construction, aligned weight and stiffness and non-metallic liners, the Fadal allows for dampened vibration with minimized friction and reversal error during operation, achieving impressive and repeatable tolerances and cutting accuracy with extreme efficiency.

The Fadal’s brazed and solid-carbide cutting tools provide heavy-duty machining and removal of high-strength materials at optimized feed and travel rates. Its high-torque spindle achieves consistent and accurate results at high-to-low speeds with smooth surface finishes and minimal correction for vibration and resistance. Fast feedrates help boost productivity and allow for continuous cycles at reduced times without affecting manufacturing quality. The Fadal’s dynamic balance of spindle power and speed is designed to achieve maximum precision and cutting potential. This ensures optimized metal removal rates in accordance with an agile data-flow and the CNC’s fast and flexible computing power.

Whether efficient rough cutting or smooth finish operations are required, the Fadal’s highly-adaptable control system and spindle speeds give manufacturers the resources to adjust for various materials and cutting requirements based on unique component and industry specifications. This makes the Fadal a valuable machining tool for aerospace, automotive, energy, engineering and other industries that require adaptive features to maintain high superiority standards while creating room for modern design innovation at affordable cost.

Offering many solutions and utilizing the latest advancements in technology, your requirements are a top priority at Legacy Industries. The Fadal’s 5-axis orientation is perfect for machining and cutting complex geometries within a wide-range of material strengths and tolerances. Industrialists seeking to maximize utilization of a vertical machining center for their industrial production needs will find that the Fadal VMC offers a comprehensive set of features to achieve precision results at optimal speeds.


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