The FIDIA breaks new ground in advanced CNC milling capability with a multi-axis production center designed for greater loading capacities and high-speed milling rates. Its top-performance vision numerical control coupled with the latest cloud-based manufacturing execution system achieves remarkable versatility when it comes to small-to-medium molds and prototypes for a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, engineering and more.

Legacy offers complete solutions utilizing one of FIDIA’s K-Line 5-axis CNC milling machines, the K199. This machine is designed to perform high-speed CNC milling of hard surfaces and a wide-variety of materials with minimal engagement time for a smooth surface finish and mold durability. These materials include carbon fiber, ceramics, aluminum, composites, and austenitic alloys to name a few. It’s also ideal for very thin surfaces unique to certain components which require extreme precision with minimal contact time and vibration. With reduced vertical fatigue and stress fracturing common to mold and die manufacturing, the FIDIA K199 achieves a higher success standard and more efficient production process.

The innovative structure and high dynamic performance of the FIDIA K199 allows suitability for small-to-medium-sized part and component milling and compared to a traditional portal machine, productivity is doubled. It is leveraged in the case of rough and semi-finishing operations intended for minimal material removal and a maximum finish of geometry and surface textures, thus preventing the need for manual polishing and allowing for quick mounting times. For manufacturers, this translates into reduced material costs and very little manual interaction thanks to advanced computer-assisted automation features. The FIDIA has the capacity to perform dynamic operations with uninterrupted processes that reduce error and achieve high-accuracy results.

With state-of-the-art software and high-speed computational performance, the FIDIA’s vision numerical control boasts virtual machining and CAD/CAM capabilities that give users a new level of design freedom and programming flexibility ideal for component testing and correctional input. FIDIA offers enhanced operations workflow and program integration with the possibility of aligning several programming simulations to achieve improved concepts at faster rates and with more precision. Organizations from many industries are sure to benefit from the FIDIA’s capabilities and take advantage of its revolutionary features to achieve a higher standard of production and parts quality.


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