The G & L Boring Mill with implemented CNC technology via FANUC allows manufacturers to take advantage of its horizontal milling capabilities using the most modern specs and digital tools. With advances in mechanical systems that achieve smart operation and integrated digital drives and controls, The G & L Boring Mill meets the highest standards of efficiency, accuracy and reliability at comparatively lower costs.

At Legacy, our G & L Boring Mill comes equipped with a wider surface contact area and upgraded encoders, chip conveyors and probes for a greater range of accuracy and extensive quality control. Customized attachments also offer dynamic axis control while specialized programming and expertise add an element of flexibility across the G & L Boring Mill’s multiple axis.

With updated diagnostic components including remote systems and dashboard controls that feature runtime status and various input options, the G & L Boring Mill allows for systematic monitoring and networking with other machines during the manufacturing process, making it a compatible tool in production methods that rely on powerful computing capabilities. By integrating W/Z Tracking technology with its HMI software, the G & L Boring Mill presents a responsive and accessible interface where operators can process data and control various production outputs.

Overall, the incorporation of powerful control systems with the G & L Boring Mill’s proven hardware functions achieves exponential production speeds particularly in the case of large workpieces that would normally require slower feed rates due to increased vibration. This allows manufacturers to develop bigger components with minimal vibration and optimal accuracy while taking advantage of increased production rates at lower costs.

By revolutionizing tried-and-true machine systems and equipping them with state-of-the-art controls and digital features, manufacturers can enjoy significant benefits utilizing a G & L Boring Mill, the fully practical and functional solution to any production goals.


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