The Tarus Gundrill provides precision deep-hole drilling with up to 2" diameter and 84" length capacity for high-grade modifications to mold blocks, dies and other manufacturing pieces on a large tonnage work table within spacious table travel parameters.

Perfectly-suited for a wide-range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, and energy as well as components and materials that include plastic injection mold bases, thermoformed molds, rubber molds, blow molds and more, the Tarus Gundrill enables fast and efficient drilling based on precise measurements and cutting-edge CNC operating efficiency.

Designed for a wide-range of tolerances and specifications, the Tarus Gundrill completes quick drilling procedures with high-rate RPM and multi-axis traveling column features that provide dynamic and accessible control. With its heavy-duty drilling capabilities and auxiliary spindle rates, the Tarus Gundrill creates an adaptive field of operation at exceptionally-high cycle times. Through its STS (single tube system) drill, the Tarus Gundrill is able to extract chip debris and prevent binding and jamming defects common with standard drilling mechanisms. This also allows for an increased feed rate and higher cycle times, resulting in overall more efficient and consistent drilling performance.

With its heavy tonnage capacity, the Tarus Gundrill is perfectly-suited for large workpiece molds and blocks of various materials that require functional maneuvering based on substantial vertical and horizontal ranges. Proprietary CNC from Tarus brings a high level of functionality to the machine’s attributes through advanced TPI-Cam and integrated graphics with simultaneous toolpath and machine operations. This unified approach to hardware and software integration is specially-designed to benefit manufacturers by offering flexibility of design elements and real-time updates during production processes.

Manufactures can accommodate various drilling necessities all through a single machine, thus saving time, money and adhering to the highest standards of production in their respective industries. At Legacy Industries, we offer 3-Axis Tarus Gundrill to provide quick, precise, and efficient deep-hole drilling.


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