TEBIS gives users computer-assisted control across every stage of production from design and manufacturing to assembly, and is ideal for industries seeking to automate their die manufacturing operations through intelligent NC programming software and consolidation of their CAD/CAM processes. TEBIS utilizes state-of-the-art software to create design simulations with varying input stored in system templates and libraries, where corrections are rapidly-integrated for maximum efficiency during parts processing.

With TEBIS, industries from aerospace to automotive and more can experience an increase in precision die production rates with a decrease in expenditure for design testing, machining, material, manual spot finishing and process oversight. TEBIS allows manufacturers to perform die surface part corrections using advanced design features that account for morphing, pressure areas and collision prevention. By making digital alterations to die surfaces with TEBIS, manufactures can implement corrections with their CNC milling processes to reproduce simulations with rapid precision.

Across the board TEBIS make it more than possible to overcome traditional challenges and restrictions in manufacturing by giving users access to complex part editing all within a functional digital framework that incorporates various elements including tools and procedures. Using powerful programming software, TEBIS makes quick work of machine simulation and template automation that can be customized and edited at any point during the manufacturing process. This makes it possible to create automation programs that utilize specific features unique to your industry and production goals. TEBIS offers premier accuracy and quality in die production design and is ideal for various types of die manufacturing including draw, hydroforming, fixtures and prototypes with accelerated and dynamic NC programming advantages.

With comprehensive data transfer capabilities including geometric and structural data, TEBIS makes it easy to integrate complex design systems with all the various machining segments of production while accelerating manufacturing efficiency and design calculation speeds. TEBIS employs the latest parallel processing technology for optimal performance in complex programming processes with a focus on overriding traditional bottlenecks in parts loading and design. At Legacy, we offer limitless solutions when it comes to working with advanced simulation technology.


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