We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new Virtual Suggestion Box, an innovative platform designed to amplify your voice and foster collaboration across our organization. Your insights are invaluable, and we believe that everyone’s perspective plays a crucial role in driving our company’s success.

Explore the Virtual Suggestion Box

Have you ever had a great idea for streamlining operations in the shop or office? Now is your chance to share it! Our COO, Shawn, is eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Whether it’s an innovative solution, process improvement, or an idea to enhance workplace culture, we want to hear from you.

Why Use the Virtual Suggestion Box?

  1. Confidentiality: Your suggestions are important to us, and we understand the sensitivity of sharing ideas. Rest assured that all submissions will be treated professionally, and communication will remain strictly confidential, reaching only Shawn’s attention.
  2. Empowerment: This platform empowers every team member to contribute to our continuous improvement efforts. Your input can make a significant impact on the way we operate and serve our clients.
  3. Transparency: The Virtual Suggestion Box fosters transparency by providing a centralized space for sharing and discussing ideas. Everyone can see the progress of submitted suggestions, promoting a culture of openness and collaboration.

It’s Simple! How to Submit Your Suggestions:

  1. Click on the Virtual Suggestion Box.
  2. Share your ideas, feedback, or suggestions in the provided form.

Remember, innovation knows no boundaries, and your unique perspective could be the catalyst for positive change. Let’s work together to make Legacy an even better place to work. Thank you for your ongoing dedication and commitment to excellence. We look forward to hearing your ideas!