Legacy Industries Team,

Exciting news! We are delighted to introduce a powerful tool to enhance the experience for visitors to our esteemed Legacy Industries facilities – the all-new Visitor Page. Tailored with precision and your convenience in mind, this webpage is designed to be your go-to resource for sharing vital information with our valued customers and contractors.

A Seamless Welcome: What the Visitor Page Offers

Here’s a snapshot of what our Visitor Page brings to the table:

  1. Visitor Policies Demystified: Equip our guests with a clear understanding of our visitor policies. Share the link to this section, ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes to safety measures and protocols.
  2. Set Expectations: Empower your guests with insights into what awaits them during their visit. The “What to Expect” segment sets the stage for a positive and informed experience at Legacy Industries.
  3. Streamlined Entry with Online Registration: Efficiency is the name of the game! Direct your visitors to the online registration form on the Visitor Page. This not only saves time but also contributes to a smoother check-in process.
  4. Travel Logistics Simplified: Facilitate stress-free travel planning by directing guests to the Travel Information section. Provide details on the nearest airports and recommended lodging, ensuring their journey aligns seamlessly with their visit.
  5. Downloadable PDF Guide: For a tangible reference, encourage your visitors to download the PDF guide available on the page. It encapsulates all the essential details they need in a convenient, printable format.

Your Role in Enhancing the Legacy Experience

As Legacy Industries employees, you play a pivotal role in extending the Legacy experience beyond our walls. By sharing the Visitor Page with our guests, you contribute to a streamlined, informed, and welcoming visit.

How to Share:

  1. Direct Link: Visitor Page
  2. Email Signature: Consider adding the link to the Visitor Page in your email signature for easy access.
  3. Printed Collateral: Include the link to the Visitor Guide PDF that can be printed out by or provided to visitors.

Together, Let’s Elevate Every Visit

We believe that a well-informed visitor is a satisfied visitor. Let’s join forces in making each visit to Legacy Industries a memorable and seamless experience. Thank you for your dedication to enhancing our visitor experience!