Visitor Information

Visiting Legacy Industries

Please review the important information provided on this page. Your safety, as well as the safety of all Legacy employees, is of the utmost importance to us.

Our headquarters location in Auburn Hills is featured to the right on the map. Please note we have several facility locations – be sure to verify which location you are visiting with your Legacy contact.

If you have any questions after reviewing all information on this page, please contact your Legacy contact who is hosting your visit.

All visitors are required to complete the registration form. Though this form is available to fill out at our headquarters, you can save time at your visit by pre-registering via the link below. Please note you will still need your ID upon entry to Legacy facilities, as this is required to issue you a visitor badge. The issued ID can be used multiple times once established and will expire one year from the date issued.

Foreign Visitor Information

These guidelines are provided to make your visit to Legacy Industries both productive and pleasant. We also want to ensure we provide a safe and secure environment for you and your information as well as for our people, property, and information. Please assist us in this effort by complying with our security requirements.

General Principle

All visitors to our facilities will be screened and required to sign an agreement to maintain compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and export regulations that are administered by the State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). To maintain compliance, we must ensure that controlled technologies or technical data are not inadvertently released to foreign nationals.

What is Export-Controlled Technology or Technical Data?

Technology is “Released” When:

Visitors refers to any non-Legacy employee. Common examples include visiting company representatives, students, researchers, or members of the media.

Will Visitors Include Non-U.S. Citizens?

All visitors will be asked to indicate their citizenship before being allowed access to our facilities. This will determine eligibility to participate in tours and other restricted activities. All visitors will be provided color-coded visitor tags so that it’s more readily apparent who cannot attend restricted areas or activities.


The person in charge of your visit will ensure that non-US visitors are escorted when visiting our facilities and are not given keys/keycards, combinations, passwords, or other access to facilities in which export-controlled work is being performed.


It may be necessary to restrict non-US visitors from participating in particular activities that would expose them to export-controlled technology or technical data. Please keep in mind that many production areas are export-controlled areas, meaning that non-US visitors may not be able to participate in a full tour of the entire facility.

Visitor Policy


To provide a safe and secure environment for employees, visitors and property and to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the Company facilities. Every visitor must obtain an identification badge and visibly display and wear the badge while on property.

Policy Statement

Signing In and Out: Legacy Industries is an ITAR Government regulated company and requires all visitors to sign in and out of our facilities. In addition, you must list your citizenship when signing in. If you are NOT a U.S. person special arrangement must be made before you can enter our facility so you must notify the receptionist. There is a visitor registration book in the front lobby/reception area and also in shipping & receiving. Once you sign in you will receive a visitor’s badge which must be on you and visible at all times. Another essential reason for following this process is that we utilize the visitor registration book during an emergency that requires evacuation of the building.

Visitor Safety Guidelines

We hope that you have an enjoyable and safe visit with us. To help ensure your safety while in our facilities, we ask that you comply with the following safety guidelines.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Be advised that some areas may have deviating PPE requirements. Safety Glasses are required on the shop floor. NO exceptions! Safety glasses may be provided to you at the front desk. We ask that you please return them upon your exit. Personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn in many areas of our site. For your own safety you must wear the appropriate protective equipment when entering these areas. Please let the receptionist know if you require specific PPE.

Always listen to directions from your Legacy Industries sponsor and observe and follow all posted safety guidelines.

Safety Glasses Required

(will be provided)

Safety Toe Shoes Recommended

Open-Toed Shoes Prohibited

(heels not recommended)

Shorts Prohibited


  • If you observe an emergency, please tell your Legacy sponsor and/or dial 911.
  • In an emergency leave the building via the emergency exits and escape routes. Help any injured persons. Do not use any lifts and close doors behind you. Follow all instructions from emergency and fire safety personnel.
  • Make your way to one of the designated assembly points and await further instructions. Report any missing colleagues to Legacy Industries Safety Management at the assembly point.
  • First aid boxes are provided for treating injuries, and qualified first aiders are on hand during working hours.

Note: The Company Safety Manual is available upon request at the front desk.


  • Your visitor ID badge must be visible at all times. Please note: a green badge is issued for US citizens & a red badge is issued for non-US citizens.
  • All visitors must be escorted by a Legacy sponsor within our facilities at all times.
  • No one under 12 years old is permitted in manufacturing areas.
  • It is forbidden to film or take photographs on these premises without authorization.
  • Mobile phones with camera function must not be used on
    these premises. The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in designated areas.
  • Electronic devices may not be connected to the company network without authorization.

Safety Policies

  • Smoking, alcoholic beverages, and illegal drugs are prohibited on our property at all times.
  • Firearms are not permitted inside our facilities, but may be responsibly stored in your locked vehicle.
  • Walk only in designated aisles.
  • Follow all safety warning signs.
  • Watch for sharp or hot surfaces.
  • Watch for tripping hazards.
  • Step aside for moving equipment (i.e., forklifts, cranes, etc.). Make eye contact with the operator to ensure that he or she is aware of your presence.
  • Please be advised that plant tours involve a significant amount of walking—up to one mile. Visitors with disabilities or injuries impacting their mobility should contact their Legacy sponsor in advance to ensure that safe accommodations can be provided. Unfortunately, visitors with leg casts, crutches, or canes will not be permitted in manufacturing areas (machine and consumable facilities) unless arrangements have been made in advance to provide a wheelchair and tour assistant.

Contractor Visitor Policy

Any contractor or visitor who is here to perform work on Legacy Industries facilities or equipment or on Legacy Industries behalf, or any persons employed by that contractor has the responsibility of complying with the following requirements:

    1. Anyone working inside the plant must wear eye protection at all times.
    2. To comply with all Federal, State and Legacy Industries safety laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures while working on at a Legacy Industries site.
    3. To ensure that they understand all safety requirements which are applicable to their work activity prior to commencing that activity. Where the contractor is unsure, they should contact the Legacy Industries maintenance for clarification.
    4. No work can be performed unless prior approval is granted from the Maintenance Dept. or Director of Operations. Invoices will not be paid on unauthorized work.
    5. To obtain the proper authorization and/or work permits prior to commencing any work activity.
    6. Where work requires the use of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), shall ensure that all persons engaged in that activity wear SCBA as needed/necessary.
    7. The contractor and all his agents shall be responsible for the protection of all persons who may be on the premises which may be affected by the contractor’s work operations.
    9. To ensure that no firearms, illegal drugs, alcohol, fighting, stealing or willful damage are permitted anywhere on the Legacy Industries site.
    10. Where a contractor encounters any potentially hazardous or toxic substance which may endanger any person, the Maintenance Department shall immediately be informed and the Contractor shall cease operations until it can be assured that standard practices for hazardous materials management are being complied with.
    11. F.O.D. is a term that means Foreign Object Debris or Foreign Object Damage. It means anything foreign to our final product is considered F.O.D. Your tools, equipment you use, scrap that you create while doing your job, an ink pen that can fall out of your pocket into our final product are all examples of potential foreign object debris. To avoid these items being introduced to our final product all vendors will be held accountable for ensuring all tools, equipment, personal items, etc. that they bring into the facility leave with them. In addition, good housekeeping practices while you are here is a requirement. Please don’t leave waste or items on the floor or in areas beyond your workspace.
    12. In the event of an emergency, everyone shall leave the building by the nearest exit. All workers shall report to their supervisor on the front side of the building. The supervisor shall immediately report any absences.

Liability Insurance, Work Comp and Auto Insurance

Contractor or their company must provide Legacy Industries with the following documentation prior to work beginning:

    1. General Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage
    2. State or Federal required permits. (i.e., electricians, plumbers, HVAC, Builder/Contractors, etc.)

This information can be emailed to, attn.: Kathy Soltis.

Contractor & Legacy’s Equipment

Travel Information


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