Bonding is an extremely critical process in the manufacturing industry. Providing the most efficient solution to automated bonding and joining challenges is accomplished by designing efficient load management, while reducing the thickness and weight of materials. We use structural adhesives in conjunction with hot-air impingement, electric heating elements, steam, and oil through the application of different technologies to develop our customers top-notch bonding systems with the most efficient and intelligent mix of materials. Legacy delivers the most applicable engineered Automated Bonding and Joining solutions to its customers over and over.

We offer a complete Joining system services through welding, fastening, drilling, bonding, pinching, clenching, vision guidance, spot joining, FLOW screw, adhesive, cure, and self-piercing technology. Our team at Legacy is experienced in working with various combinations of materials. Some of these include steel, carbon fiber, magnesium, aluminum, and composites. We have the capabilities to take on any project that meets your specific requirements and if you can envision it, we will make it a reality!

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