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Legacy Industries is a leading global manufacturer, delivering innovative, efficient, and value-driven solutions. Our expert team and top-notch management ensure superior quality in everything we do. With continuous investments in cutting-edge equipment and technology, we provide unparalleled service and expertise. Trusted by OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, partner with us for world-class, large-scale manufacturing.

Legacy is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and it has several manufacturing locations throughout the state. 

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entry-level Roles & Apprenticeship opportunities

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of innovation and exploration? At Legacy, we offer apprenticeship opportunities and entry-level roles that allow you to be part of our groundbreaking projects with some of the world’s most elite manufacturers. Our work focuses on proprietary projects that push the envelope on technological advances, spanning industries such as aerospace, defense, and automotive.

We are at the forefront of shaping the future of these fields, redefining what’s possible, and making a lasting impact on various sectors. As an apprentice or entry-level team member at Legacy, you will have the chance to collaborate with visionary experts, contribute to transformative projects, and develop the skills necessary to change the world and beyond. Join us in our mission and be part of a legacy that revolutionizes technology and industries across the board. Your journey begins here.


Equal Opportunity Employer

At Legacy Industries, we are devoted to creating a workplace where diversity and inclusion thrive. We provide equal opportunities to all employees and applicants, irrespective of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, identity, age, or disability. Our inclusive culture fuels innovation and welcomes everyone to bring their authentic selves to work. We offer growth and development opportunities based on merit, support employee resource groups, and provide accessibility accommodations. Join our team and become part of a company committed to shaping a more inclusive and equitable future.

Legacy Industries is an equal opportunity employer, and we invite applications from individuals of all backgrounds.

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At Legacy Industries, we believe in empowering our employees to lead fulfilling lives both inside and outside the workplace. We understand that your career is just one part of your journey, which is why we offer a comprehensive array of benefits designed to enhance your well-being, financial security, and work-life balance.

Here’s a glimpse of the benefits you can enjoy as a valued member of our team:

Health and Wellness

We prioritize your health and well-being. Legacy Industries provides comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance for our employees and their eligible family members. Your peace of mind matters to us.



Retirement Program

Secure your financial future with confidence. We offer a 401(k) plan for eligible employees, helping you plan for retirement and build a nest egg for the years ahead.

Flexible Spending

Your financial flexibility matters. With our flexible spending options, you can contribute pre-tax dollars to cover eligible medical or dependent care expenses, putting more money back into your pocket.

Life Insurance

Protecting what matters most. Legacy Industries offers both basic and supplemental life insurance options, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Disability Insurance

We’ve got you covered during challenging times. Our disability insurance ensures that you receive support when you need to take time off due to a personal illness or injury, helping you focus on recovery.


Work hard, recharge, and explore. We recognize the importance of downtime, which is why we offer paid vacation to our employees based on their tenure, allowing you to relax and create lasting memories.

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