Modular Assembly has taken off in many industries and a big interest in this type of system is on the rise. These systems are flexible and customizable, designed mainly for decreased product lifecycles and a growing need for improved agility.

At Legacy, we utilize high-level traceability systems with automated AGC-AGV applications to build multiple product units. These capabilities range from conveyors to machine guards to workstations and platforms.

We use various technologies such as torque monitoring, RFID building, data collection, suspension modules, lift gates, hinge systems, engine dressing systems, appliances, LD equipment, sequential building, leak testing, PLC/PC based interfaced control systems and multiple automated vision applications.

The modular assembly systems we build can be integrated into many processes and industries and access to real-time, actionable data allows for intelligent and timely decisions. We invite you to explore our capabilities, and discover why we are a trusted leader in the area.

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