Robotic Vision Guided Systems integrate complex computing algorithms with fabrication processes to streamline manufacturing by way of faster, more efficient and higher-quality production rates. Originally founded in pick and place operations, Robotic Vision Guided Systems have evolved well beyond the hopes of programming pioneers and are now employed to conduct various tasks based on 3D data analysis and interaction within a broad spectrum of functions.

Modern advances in sensing, imaging, computing power and hardware performance create opportunities for automated quality control operations based on a high rate of production speed. With improved time of flight sensors, structured light and stereo cameras, 3D point clouds and precision robotics control, manufacturers can achieve a revolutionary state of efficiency with technology-integrated processes ideal for countless industry projects.

Robotic vision guided systems at Legacy are utilized for drilling, seam tracking and automated product processing with a focus on consistent and systematic results in a dynamic environment. To achieve this, our sophisticated software with pattern-matching algorithms relay instructions for 3D sensing and interaction, allowing the manufacturing hardware to take action based on an instantaneous and automated vision analysis of the object. This drastically reduces manufacturing times and repetitive tasks particularly in the case of diverse components which would otherwise require human guidance for production processes and quality control.

With rapidly-evolving machine vision techniques and technological advancements, developers are seeing frequent breakthroughs in the capabilities of robotic vision guided systems and their modular application across various sectors of production. Such revolutionary autonomy and efficiency is setting the pace for how products are designed and manufactured in an ever-expanding range of industries. With Legacy, any organization can have the power to integrate robotic vision guided systems into its operational processes and experience the benefits of modern 3D sensing technology. As our features adopt cutting-edge developments in vision guided systems, your manufacturing operations can leverage innovative progress as the technology expands to achieve an even greater level of capability and efficiency in the very near future.

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