Legacy stands at the forefront of the aerospace industry. Years of experience and enthusiasm render us superbly equipped to face any challenge. Our dedicated team realizes that the magnitude of the aerospace industry is as immense and unique, as it is demanding. The degree of precision and multitude of skills required to transform the dream of flight into a reality is something only those in the trade can comprehend. Our experience in aerospace tooling has taught us to respect every aspect of tooling down to the smallest detail. We aim to produce tools of outstanding quality, and we are willing to work harder and with more efficiency than our competitors.

Automation & Integration
Utilizing Integration, old and new equipment can effectively be merged, meaning companies don’t have to invest in all new material handling equipment in order to reap the rewards of some process automation. That’s what integration is all about, ensuring that all your equipment, old and new, is working together efficiently and productivity is maximized. And there are other benefits, System integration allows companies to maximize the space inside their existing structure while also protecting the integrity of the end product. One of the byproducts of this is to design a system that is tailored to the client’s needs. We ensure that the integrated system we design for our clients addresses all their pain points and helps them meet their production goals, including full automation. For this reason, every solution we offer is unique to our client’s needs. Our solutions for different clients may look very different but are the most effective for each scenario.
Legacy’s machine shop is equipped with a variety of cutting edge machinery. From a Droop and Rein FOG to a G & L Boring Mill. When it comes to aerospace, automotive, and marine machining, we are confident in exceeding our customer’s expectations. Our team of machinists are meticulously equipped to master precision machining processes. You can always expect top-quality products, as well as speed-to-market and on-time deliveries.
Additive Manufacturing

Legacy is the premier source for aerospace and automotive 3D printing solutions. From rapid prototyping to aerospace modeling and manufacturing, Legacy 3D printers use revolutionary FDM and PolyJet technology to make whatever you need, quickly and efficiently. We use the Stratasys F900, which is built specifically for manufacturing and heavy industries, where you plan and work big. With the largest build size of any FDM system, it’s designed to handle the most demanding manufacturing needs.

Legacy Can take any existing product or subassembly and reverse engineer it to find the most effective and productive way to build the component or part our customer is looking for. This unique process does not require the use of CAD, and instead identifies the system’s components and interrelationships, then creates a representation of the system in another form, and finally creates the physical representation of that system.

Advanced Manufacturing

Batteries present new challenges to the manufacturing environment – from high speed automation to welding and joining technologies, testing, packaging, materials and safety. Our core services provide the foundation for our battery manufacturing division. Our customers build the batteries; we work collaboratively with them to develop the processes and deliver the equipment that make their projects successful.


Our capabilities within our aerospace division stretch far and wide and include:

   • Mechanical Design     • Robotic Simulation
   • Software Design          • Hardware Design

Scaffolding and Equipment
Bond Tooling
Detailed Tooling
Assembly Tooling

Automation & Integration CAPABILITIES

Controls Design
PLC/Robotic Programming
Virtual 3D Process Simulation and Throughput
System and Tool Integration


Machine fixtures
RTM molds
Assembly Tooling


Large Scale Additive Manufacturing
Fused Deposition Modeling
   • ABS
   • Polycarbonate
   • ULTEM™ 9085 Resin
PolyJet Technology


Vehicle Electrification
Energy Storage Systems
Design for manufacturability/assembly
Electrical testing
Quality and Safety

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