The roots of Legacy’s machine shop trace back to 1968. Nearly 50 years ago, Gary Louca founded Louca Mold, which he started as a small machine shop for the automotive industry. The company grew to earn a stellar reputation, and by 2000 became the lead machining vendor in the Detroit area for all large 5-axis aerospace tooling. In 2008, the company expanded its abilities by obtaining the capabilities to machine tooling over 40 feet long. 5 years later, in 2013, Randy Bellestri acquired Louca Mold and Aerospace Machining, where it has since served to play a crucial role in all of Legacy’s operations.

Legacy’s machine shop is equipped with a vast array of cutting edge machines. It contains everything from a Droop and Rein FOG to a G & L Boring Mill. When it comes to aerospace, automotive, and marine machining, we are confident to exceed expectations. Machine fixtures, dies, RTM molds, and assembly tooling, are a few examples of the endless possibilities we can provide with our proud team of machinists who are meticulously equipped to master precision machining processes. You can always expect top-quality products, as well as speed to market and on-time deliveries. We understand that no matter how great a job we can do for you, if it isn’t there on time, it’s not worth anything to the customer.

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Machine Type & Model NumberNumber of AxisX”Y”Z”
Droop and Rein FOG3+218010850
Droop and Rein FOG562421668
Droop and Rein FOG557621668
Droop and Rein FOG526711859
Droop and Rein FOG578019278
Droop and Rein TF3+221613359
Droop and Rein TF3+221613359
Fadal VMC 65353653535
Fadal VMC 65353603030
Fadal VMC 65353803030
Fidia K1995653633
Fidia D32151208048
Fidia D32151208048
Fidia D32151208048
G & L Boring Mill4987831

Modular Assembly has taken off in many industries and a big interest in this type of system is on the rise. These systems are flexible and customizable, designed mainly for decreased product lifecycles and a growing need for improved agility.

The Droop+Rein TF series offers a framework of machining capabilities for manufacturers seeking to automate production rates of variable-sized work pieces with a consistent focus on industry-leading speed and accuracy. This fully-adaptive and dynamic system provides an innovative approach to manufacturing for a wide-range of industries and boasts interchangeable configuration features that include diverse machine head sizes and functions as well as custom expansion modules.
The Droop+Rein FOG series is a powerful concept for complex machining. It offers a range of services, including pre-finishing, to final finishing contour to machining geometries. With a maximum feed rate in dynamic machining, the concept fits for the acceleration and movement of constant masses, irrespective of workpiece weight and size. This high-speed portal machining hub runs high-speed milling. As compared to traditional models, this 5-axis milling with complex surface and high acceleration legacy produces finer and faster finish at maximum accuracy.
The FIDIA breaks new ground in advanced CNC milling capability with a multi-axis production center designed for greater loading capacities and high-speed milling rates. Its top-performance vision numerical control coupled with the latest cloud-based manufacturing execution system achieves remarkable versatility when it comes to small-to-medium molds and prototypes for a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, engineering and more.
The G & L Boring Mill with implemented CNC technology via FANUC allows manufacturers to take advantage of its horizontal milling capabilities using the most modern specs and digital tools. With advances in mechanical systems that achieve smart operation and integrated digital drives and controls, The G & L Boring Mill meets the highest standards of efficiency, accuracy and reliability at comparatively lower costs.
Fadal’s 5-axis VMC is an ideal solution to machining, material cutting and removal at minimal cycle times within precise parameters that require repeated procedures. The Fadal vertical machining center delivers exceptional performance using a high-torque spindle that achieves consistent results at variable speeds and gives manufacturers flexible access to large parts and heavy metal components. With hardened box way construction, aligned weight and stiffness and non-metallic liners, the Fadal allows for dampened vibration with minimized friction and reversal error during operation, achieving impressive and repeatable tolerances and cutting accuracy with extreme efficiency.
The Tarus Gundrill provides precision deep-hole drilling with up to 2" diameter and 84" length capacity for high-grade modifications to mold blocks, dies and other manufacturing pieces on a large tonnage work table within spacious table travel parameters.
TEBIS gives users computer-assisted control across every stage of production from design and manufacturing to assembly, and is ideal for industries seeking to automate their die manufacturing operations through intelligent NC programming software and consolidation of their CAD/CAM processes. TEBIS utilizes state-of-the-art software to create design simulations with varying input stored in system templates and libraries, where corrections are rapidly-integrated for maximum efficiency during parts processing.


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